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I contacted Loft on January 9, 2019 to look into a late fee charge. The first Loft Representative I spoke to was very helpful and removed the late fee.

She explained that my electronic payment had been declined and that my bank had paid by check. Therefore, it was received 9 days late!? I was confused why this would happen so I called my bank. My bank asked if she could contact Loft and of course I said yes.

The Bank Rep had the Loft electronic payment center on a voice recorded line and we asked why the payment was late when Loft accepts electronic banking payments.

The Loft Rep in a very defensive tone, said that the information on my banking must be incorrect and if this ever happens again the late fee will not be removed. It was a one time courtesy.

I found her to be aggressive and threatening instead of professional and understanding. Also, I find it rather odd that Loft would not accept electronic payment because account number was incorrect but they accepted a check?! They had my name, address and phone number!

Why didn't someone contact me to let me know that my information was not correct. Very unprofessional and nasty! I have been a Loft Charge Card Holder since 2012. I will be cancelling my Loft card.

I do not need to deal with low level unqualified workers who do not know how to speak to a customer.

You should loose her, she is not an advantage to Loft. You will get a reputation of poor customer Service!

Product or Service Mentioned: Loft Customer Care.

Reason of review: billing.

Preferred solution: Send your clerks and customer service representatives to intense business course in dealing with the public..

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LOFT credit cards are run by a third party service known as Commenity bank, that’s who you spoke too. Not LOFT customer service, you spoke to a credit repsentative about your credit.

This is not controlled by LOFT.

The majority retailers use Commenity bank. I suggest calling LOFT customer service and reporting your experience so LOFT can investigate the recorded call and remove said person from their services.