Blackshear, Georgia
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I was in Loft on Sunday, March 31, 2019 - purchased several items ($151.00 worth)... I live two hours away from the store...I returned home Sunday night to realize the associate had failed to put one of the items I purchased in the bag (a black pair of dress pants - $69.50)...I called first thing today (Monday morning) and explained the situation - offering to send them a copy of the receipt and a picture of all items I received in the bag...I was told they could not do anything over the phone - I would have to drive back to the store to get the situation handled!

WHAT? The customer drives another 4 hours to and from the store AGAIN just to resolve an issue that was an error on the part of a Loft employee. I totally understand that accidents happen - HOWEVER Loft should be more than willing to send me the pants or credit me the cost of them!

This is totally ludicrous and the absolute WORST customer treatment I have ever experienced. After years of multiple purchases, this will be a prime reason not to purchase again...

Product or Service Mentioned: Loft Customer Care.

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