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Placed an order from Loft. Billing insert was for items I ordered in sizes I ordered.

Items in package were not what I ordered and not the right sizes. Called Loft. Customer Service rep tells me she can replace the items at NO CHARGE to me. I keep telling her "stop saying that, I paid for these items a week ago.

There is a charge. The new items are not free." Naturally, during the week between ordering and the time when I receive the wrong package, the items I want are now out of stock. She can't help. Sorry.

I ask for a different size, which she can do in one of the items. I ask if I can choose a replacement item at same price for the other. No. I can only get a refund and then order separately (and pay shipping since it's under the $125 minimum.) Additionally, it is now my responsibility to return the wrong items, which means using my ink to print a return label, purchasing a box to ship it in since I ripped the plastic bag it arrived in, and needing to take the package to UPS or post office, or go to a store in person.

(Ummm, hello, if I wanted to go to the store, I would have gone there in the first place.)

So unbelievably disappointed. Oh, and she offered me 40% off of one full price item which is ridiculous since the items were on sale to begin with.

Stop making the customer responsible for your mistake, LOFT. Stop saying you are sending a replacement "free of charge." I already paid for it, it's not free. Find a way to compensate your customers for your errors.

Don't hold customers accountable for returning items they didn't ask for in the first place. Allow them to donate or pay it forward.

Accept your mistakes, LOFT. That's part of good customer service. Provide help.

And if others have ordered the items between my order and the time I opened my package, and it is now out of stock, do something for your customer that missed something they wanted because of your mistake.

It isn't fair that someone who ordered after me gets the item because of your mistake.

Seriously. Step it up, Loft.

Product or Service Mentioned: Loft Customer Care.

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